Infatrini for Infants (200ml)


Infatrini is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision.


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Infatrini for Infants (200ml)


  • Infatrini is a nutritionally complete, energy dense 1kcal/ml, ready to use feed for the dietary management of infants (from birth up to 18 months or <9kg in body weight) with faltering growth, or who have increased nutritional requirements and/or require fluid restriction.
  • Infatrini is suitable as a sole source of nutrition and contains GOS/FOS, nucleotides and a unique fat blend that contains long chain polyunsaturates (LCPs).
  • Halal and Kosher


  • The recommended intake of Infatrini should be determined by a clinician or dietitian only, and is dependent on the age, body weight and medical condition of the infant.
  • Shake well before opening and use immediately.
  • Wash hands before handling the feed and use sterile feeding equipment.
  • Bottle and cup feeding
    • Infatrini is ready for use at room temperature.
    • It may be warmed by immersing the unopened bottles in warm water.
    • Always test the temperature before feeding.
    • Do not microwave.
  • Tube feeding
    • Infatrini should be used at room temperature.
    • 125ml bottles can be attached to a Flocare Pack giving set using a Flocare Universal Adaptor.
    • Alternatively, feed can be decanted into a sterile reservoir, taking care to handle aseptically at all times.
    • Maximum hanging time is 4 hours.
    • The collapsible bottle can be attached directly to a Flocare Pack giving set.
    • When directly connected to a giving set (aseptically handled, closed system), the collapsible bottle has a hanging time of max. 24 hours.
    • If the cap has been removed (used as an open system) then the collapsible bottles have a hanging time of max 4 hours.


  • Not suitable for infants with galactosaemia, lactose intolerance and/or cows’ milk protein allergy.


  • Store in a cool, dry place (5-25°C) and away from direct sunlight.
  • Once opened, Infatrini bottles should be stored in a refrigerator (<4°C) immediately and unused contents should be discarded within 24 hours.
  • If kept outside the fridge unused contents should be discarded within 4 hours.
  • Always discard unfinished feeds.
  • Once opened, aseptically handled collapsible bottles can be kept for a maximum of 24 hours.

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Weight 232 g

Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla


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