BioActive Omega-7 Capsules (60)


Omega 7 is a nutritional supplement that is produced using the berry and seed of the Sea buckthorn plant. This shrub, originating from the Himalayas, is rich in Omega 7 fatty acids, including palmitoleic acid and vaccenic acid.


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BioActive Omega-7 Capsules (60)


  • Extract is made from both the berries and seeds from sea buckthorn to give the optimal blend of active ingredients.
  • Extraction method is environmentally friendly and organic and does not involve the use of solvents.
  • There is no loss of biologically active compounds due to the extremely gentle manufacturing process.
  • Vitamin A that is found in Omega 7 contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, vision and mucous membranes.
  • In addition to the omega-7 fatty acids, sea buckthorn oil is a great source of the PUFAs alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 type), linoleic acid (omega-6 type), and oleic acid (omega-9 type), as well as containing high levels of antioxidants (tocopherols, tocotrienols, carotenoids plant sterols and vitamin C).
  • This product has been specially formulated for menopause, with a high-quality sea buckthorn formula (SBA24) and is a particularly rich source of vitamin A.
    • Many people, women in particular, reach a stage in life where they “dry out”, literally.
    • Mucous membranes lose their ability to lubricate themselves and that can cause unpleasant symptoms such as dry eyes, skin and vaginal dryness.
    • Such problems can easily impair quality of life. A lot of the symptoms are linked to menopause and the disruption of the body’s hormonal balance, which tends to affect the health and state of the mucous membranes.
    • One of the vitamins that is particularly important for maintaining normal mucous membranes is vitamin A.
  • One of nature’s richest sources of vitamin A are the berries and seeds from sea buckthorn. With BioActive Omega 7 Pharma Nord, you provide your mucous membranes with generous amounts of vitamin A in a highly bioavailable formula that is extracted from both the berries and the seeds. This ensures the optimal nutrient profile.
  • Free from artificial colouring, yeast, sugar and gluten.
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.


  • First two weeks: 2 capsules twice a day (4 capsules a day).
  • Thereafter: 1 capsule twice a day (2 capsules a day) or as recommended by a physician. To be taken with food.
  • Do not exceed recommended amount.


  • Do not exceed recommended amount.
  • Not suitable during pregnancy
  • Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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