Gilette Mach3 Blades (4)


Mach3 Razor Blades are among the world’s most iconic. Loved by men around the world, Mach3 has been rated the world’s No.1 3-bladed razor.


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Gilette Mach3 Blades (4)


  • Each cartridge contains 3 of Gillette’s renowned stronger-than-steel blades, designed to stay sharper for longer and offer a classic smooth shave.
  • With one Mach3 cartridge, you can comfortably shave up to 15 times.
  • Mach3 razor blades are connected to a spring base, allowing them to intuitively respond to surface variations by moving up and down.
    • As the skin is irregular on the face, this feature is important to ensure an effective and comfortable shave even on tricky areas such as the chin, Adam’s apple and jawline.
    • The Mach3 also features an iconic handle with elastomer grip points to provide great control.
  • Every Mach3 cartridge features Gillette’s iconic front pivot.
    • Connecting the cartridge to the handle in front of the blades, it redirects pressure away from the blades for a balanced distribution of force and a comfortable shaving experience.
    • This also results in an open-backed structure, enabling a simple cleaning and rinsing process, as water can flow easily between and over the blades.
  • Each Mach3 cartridge comes with Gillette’s iconic Lubrastrip
    • A thin strip of high quality pre-lubricated material that releases its ingredients when wet.
    • The Lubrastrip lubricates the skin, allowing for a slick glide over surfaces for extra comfort.
    • The cartridge is also enhanced with Gillette’s intricate microfin technology to stretch and even out the skin’s surface ahead of the blades.

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