ORS Hydration Tablets – Blackcurrant (24)


ORS is a soluble tablet that contains a scientifically balanced formula of glucose, electrolytes and essential minerals which when added to water may be used to replenish the body’s water and electrolytes & thereby help to maintain balance in adults and children.



ORS Hydration Tablets – Blackcurrant (24)


  • Great Taste
  • General Hydration
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Travel & Hot Climates
  • For helpful information specific to particular sports or usage situations download the O.R.S. app from the App Store or Google Play Store


  • To prepare the solution, add 2 tablets to 200ml of drinking water and allow to dissolve completely (stir if required)
  • Adults & children over 6 years:
    • Drink 200ml each time the body’s fluid level needs to be maintained
  • Children under 6 years
    • Drink 10ml of solution per Kg of body weight each time the body’s fluid level needs to be maintained.
    • Give the required dose in small sips
  • Children under 2 years
    • Consult your doctor before giving to anyone under 2 years of age


  • Do not store prepared solution for more than 8 hours outside of a refrigerator
  • Solution may be stored in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours
  • Adults should not use more than 24 tablets in 224 hours
  • Children should not use more than 10 tablets in 224 hours
  • Taking more than the recommended intake can be harmful
  • Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking if:
    • you have diabetes
    • are on a low sodium or potassium diet
  • Do not use if you have intestinal obstruction
  • Do not use if you have liver or kidney problems

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