• 100% cotton and polypropylene face protection mask
  • Triple layer, an inner layer of 100% cotton fabric followed by a polypropylene layer and an outer layer of 100% cotton fabric.
  • Can be washed in washing machine 30 times and ironed
  • Adjustable elastic rubber for the ears The fabric is 100% high quality cotton,
  • The base fabric is Oeko Tex Standard Class 100 certified for the control of harmful substances.

You breathe very well with it on, it does not give you a feeling of suffocation as in other filter masks, it allows you to talk comfortably and play sports with it, you will forget that you are wearing it. Accordion sewn for an ergonomic fit to the face. Lightweight and very comfortable, it adjusts to the face allowing you to speak well with the mask on. It does not give a feeling of suffocation. It is washable at 60ºC and reusable once washed, saving a lot of money in the long run compared to disposable masks. For greater hygiene, we recommend having several units, wash them every 8 hours of use and iron them at a high temperature for greater hygiene. Reusable masks greatly reduce waste and are more environmentally friendly than disposable ones, go green!

Tips for use: before putting on the mask, wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water. Avoid touching the mask while wearing it. After use it is recommended to wash the mask at 60 ° C and iron later. Even with the mask on, it is recommended to wash your hands frequently, follow respiratory hygiene measures and avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth. Following European law, refunds are not allowed because it is a hygienic article.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mask is a mask recommended for non-sanitary domestic personal use. This mask is not a sanitary mask. This item is a basic model of a 100% cotton mask that reduces the risk of contagion. For this reason, its objective is not to replace a protective mask (FFP2 or 3) or a surgical mask. Do not use this mask for medical, health or work protection purposes. Reusable masks provide less protection for bacteria, fungi and viruses than disposable ones. This product does not need the CE marking as it is a non-sanitary mask and not intended as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment at work). The World Health Organisation (WHO) has indicated that the widespread use of the use of protective masks along with other hygiene measures helps to prevent the pandemic from advancing. The WHO and the CDC (Center for Disease Control of the United States) agree that the use of this protection is just one more factor to avoid infection. Undoubtedly, maintaining social distance, not holding meetings of more than ten people, and maintaining continuous hygiene, such as incessant hand washing, are the “pillars” of personal protection, even using the mask. WARNING: This device is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42 or Regulation EU / 2017/745, nor personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425 nor a hygienic mask according to UNE 0065 : 2020

Additional information

Weight 30 g

Black, Blue, Olive Green, Pink, White


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