Fybogel Orange Sachets


The ispaghula husk in Fybogel Orange is a natural plant material which is high in fibre. It works by absorbing water and increasing the bulk of the food passing through the digestive system- helping your body to work normally.


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Fybogel Orange Sachets


  • Each sachet of Fybogel Orange holds a single dose of granules containing 3.5g ispaghula husk BP as the active ingredient.
  • Each sachet also contains citric acid- potassium bicarbonate- sodium bicarbonate- polysorbate 80- silica colloidal anhydrous and orange flavour.
  • Fybogel Orange is coloured with beta carotene and riboflavin sodium phosphate and is sweetened with aspartame and saccharin sodium.


  • Mix with water to form an orange-flavoured drink.
  • Fill a glass with approximately 150ml (¼ pint) of cold water.
  • Pour in the required amount (see dosage below).
  • Stir well and drink straight away, preferably after meals.
  • Adults and Children over 12
    • One sachet or 2 level 5ml spoonfuls of Fybogel
  • Read all product packaging and labels prior to use.

Do not take Fybogel Orange if:

  • Your doctor has told you that you are suffering from a blockage of the bowel (intestinal obstruction or faecal impaction) or muscle weakness of the bowel wall (colonic atony).
  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Your Doctor has told you that you have phenylketonuria, because the product is sweetened with aspartame, which contains a source of phenylalanine. This may be harmful for people with phenylketonuria.

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Weight 67 g
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10, 30


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