Introducing Flexiseq Active…

An adapted, light formulation of Flexiseq specially developed for the daily needs of joint pain and early-stage arthritis sufferers. FLEXISEQ Active lubricates the joints and is clinically proven to relieve pain and reduce joint stiffness. A lighter formulation than the award-winning original, FLEXISEQ Active is the perfect introduction to the benefits of drug-free Joint Lubrication Therapy.

Key Benefits

  • Relieves pain
  • Improves mobility
  • Helps lubricate and protect your joints
  • Convenient twice daily application
  • Drug-Free


What is Flexiseq®?
Flexiseq is a gel which is applied topically to the affected joint and works by penetrating into the synovial fluid between the bones, restoring some of the lubricating properties lost through the breakdown of cartilage.
It is this loss of cartilage that is responsible for the pain and reduced mobility in osteroarthritis.
The benefits of Flexiseq®
Can help ease the pain and stiffness in your joints
Suitable for all osteoarthritis patients
A safe drug-free gel that avoids the heart and stomach risks common to most osteoarthritis drug treatments
Can be used safely with medicines for osteoarthritis and/or other medical conditions.

Additional information

Weight 80 g


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