Babypotz Food Storage Pots – Stage 3 (9m+)


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Babypotz Food Storage Pots – Stage 3 (9m+)

Babypotz are a simple and great way to store pre prepared food for your baby or toddler during weaning and help to reduce waste while providing a nourishing meal for your baby. These clear pots come in a variety of sizes with lids included and allow you to store or freeze food for later or conveniently slip them into your baby bag for meals on the go.

This size is suitable for a baby who has moved on with more texture. It is also great for storing snacks while out and about. If your baby is still hungry after this portion of food we would advice adding some finger foods and sticks of fruit to fill your baby giving them more variety.

Pack Contains:

  • 20 x Pots and Lids (180ml/6oz)


  • Safe, Reusable food pots
  • Perfect for batch cooking baby food
  • Ideal for carrying snacks
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • Suitable for freezing.
  • Suitable for weaning stage from about 9 months +

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