HIV Home Test – Autotest HIV Test


Autotest VIH Self test for the detection of HIV – Easy to use, Results in 15 minutes.

The self test is reliable for the detection of HIV infection if the infection occurred at least 3 months ago.


HIV Home Test – Autotest HIV Test

How to Use:

  1. Place the lancet onto the side of your fingertip and press firmly to prick your skin with the needle. Wipe drop away using a sterile pad. Gently squeeze your finger again to form a new, large drop of blood.
  2. With the testing device B pointing down (90°), touch the drop of blood with the tip of the device until the pointed end has filled with blood. Insert it firmly into the stand to puncture the foil cover of the buffer cap. Push firmly, you will feel it snap 3 times.
  3. Check for a pink stain that will start to appear less than a minute after the test device and buffer cap have been snapped together. Wait 15 minutes before you read the test result.


For single use only. Always read the label. *HIV is the virus responsible for Aids.

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